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Healthy and Happy Living in Korea and Studying in GCU

On December 6th, BINUS Korea Corner invited three professors from the Global Cyber University, namely Prof. Hyun-Jeong Yang, an adjunct professor, Prof. Jun-Hee Park, a professor at the Department of Entertainment & Media, and Ms. Kim Eun Ju, a representative of Foreign Cooperation Team. They were in attendance to speak about “Healthy and Happy Living in Korea and Studying in GCU”.

In the virtual seminar, Prof. Hyun-Jeong Yang went on to share her study on how practising mind-body intervention, such as meditation, yoga, and qigong, can help maintain physical and mental wellbeing which become extremely significant during the current pandemic situation.

One form of mind-body intervention that Prof. Yang mentioned was brain education meditation, which involves various types of interventions such as moving meditation, breathing postures, and imagery meditation.

“Brain education meditation exhibits multiple beneficial effects on body systems including emotions, sleep, immune system, as well as cognition. This intervention can be used as a complementary tool to relieve or prevent symptoms of COVID-19 and long COVID, not only for patients but also healthcare workers as well as the general public”, explained Prof. Yang regarding the benefits of brain education meditation.

During the second half of the webinar, Ms. Kim who is also a meditation trainer, invited participants to practice several brain education meditation-based exercises. The activity was then followed by Prof. Park, demonstrating some K-Pop dance moves.