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BINUS UNIVERSITY, Tec de Monterrey Students and Professors Discuss Human Rights Issues Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

On 26–29 October 2021, students and professors from Bina Nusantara University and Tecnológico de Monterrey joined Global Week program, discussing how human rights have been affected by political and technological measures around the world to control the pandemic.
Tangguh Chairil from BINUS International Relations and Nuril Kusumawardhani Soeprapto Putri from BINUS Information Systems joined Lorena Rodriguez Bojorquez from Tec de Monterrey to supervise the students.

In this program, 41 students from BINUS UNIVERSITY had an opportunity to connect with 20 students from Tec de Monterrey. There were 20 students from BINUS International Relations program, as well as 21 students from Information Systems). Students were grouped into multicultural teams with each consisting of students from BINUS and Tec de Monterrey.

The Global Week program is divided into two kinds of main activities: icebreaker activities on 26–27 October and collaborative activities on 28–29 October.

On the first day of the program, students participated in icebreaker activities, where they introduced themselves to their teammates, published their videos, and commented on other students’ videos. On the next day, students joined Zoom live session where they had an chance to interact with the professors and classmates from Global Week.

Students participated in collaborative activities, during the third day of the program, where students joined Zoom live session to have team discussion on human rights issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic in countries from the regions that they chose. Finally, students presented their conclusions and solutions on the last day.

This article is originally written by Tangguh Chairil (BINUS International Relations), and was first published on 31 October 2021 on BINUS International Relation’s website.