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How Studying Computer Science at BINUS UNIVERSITY Helps Tokopedia’s Founder William Tanuwijaya Advance His Career

In this modern era where everything has to do with technology, taking a computer science major can be the best choice for college. There are many digital entrepreneurs and start-up founders who have academic backgrounds in computer science. One of them is William Tanuwijaya, Founder and CEO of Indonesian e-commerce giant Tokopedia. William graduated from BINUS UNIVERSITY with a major in Computer Science in 1999.

With his background in computer science, he built a digital technology company, one of the biggest marketplaces in Southeast Asia that empowers over ten million enterprises and serves over a hundred active users in Indonesia.

William is not the only successful computer science graduate from BINUS UNIVERSITY who actively grow their business and contribute to Indonesian economic development.

William Tanuwijaya. Photo: TechinAsia

If you’re wondering what makes computer science such a promising major, then keep reading to find out why! Here are some of the knowledge that one can learn when taking the major.

1. Learn how to visualize data

Data visualization is one of the things that computer science students learn. The rapid increase of technology use has generated large numbers of data, which when carefully managed can give deep insights into company growth. This is where data visualization is needed. Data visualization is used to manage loads of data and present them in a more digestible way, such as charts. As people tend to understand better and grasp information faster through visual data, this can help businesspeople and company stakeholders to make decisions based on that. 

2. Learn to utilize AI

If you’re familiar with a virtual assistant, such as Apple’s Siri, or Amazon’s Alexa, chances are you’ve already been utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your daily lives. Based on the definition, AI is a set of computer algorithms that enables a device or machine to “think” like a human.

Nowadays, AI is continuously developed to accelerate technology and make our lives easier through automation. As a computer science student, you can learn how to develop AI-based devices or applications. Sounds interesting enough?

Computer Science illustration. Photo: Freepik/pressfoto

3. Get to know cyber security

Now that we’re in the fourth industrial revolution, more and more devices are connected to the internet of things. One of the potential risks is the increasing number of cybercrime. That’s why cybersecurity engineer is one of the most wanted positions in tech companies today.

If you’re interested in becoming a future cybersecurity engineer, a computer science major is the way to go. Studying computer science means you can learn to build a system that protects data, networks, and programs from cybercrime threats or attacks.

Now you know why studying computer science is promising while offering a lot of job opportunities. Visit BINUS INTERNATIONAL website to learn more about studying computer science at BINUS UNIVERSITY.