BINUS International Office

Fun in France: Study and Scholarship in 2022

BINUS Korea Corner hosted a webinar entitled “Fun in France: Study and Scholarship in 2022” on November 10. The event welcomed Sylvain Lelong-Lacroix, a national coordinator at Campus France Indonesia, as the speaker and was joined by no less than 150 participants.

During the session, Sylvain shared about the variety and quality of university programs available in France as well as what the general registration process is like. He also emphasized that there are several ways to finance yourself during your studies abroad, such as through scholarships and part-time work.

Moreover, for students that are worried about studying alone in France, rest assured as there is PPI (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia) Prancis. “If you are in France and suddenly you miss Indonesia, there is actually PPI Prancis in France. So, this is an association with all the Indonesian students currently studying in France and they are based in almost all the biggest cities in France,” Sylvain remarked.