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Improving the Clean Water Distribution System in Remote Villages

Up to this day, there are villages in Indonesia that still has limited access to clean water, especially villages that are located 1,200 meter above sea level. To resolve the issue, a lot of efforts have been done by the Indonesian government, which includes well drilling, water distillation, and delivery of clean water from nearby areas. However, the results are not quite significant since it can’t accommodate the needs of all residents. Researches have been done to figure out how to provide clean water access to villages in the same condition. A team of lecturers and students from BINUS UNIVERSITY has also been involved in the research project.

In 2013, Dr. Rinda Hedwig S.Kom, Dr. Marincan Pardede, S.Si, M.Si., and Riyanto Simangunsong from Computer Engineering at BINUS UNIVERSITY started a research on how to implement vertical multistage centrifugal pump (VMCP). Their research shows that the system can be utilized to distribute water to residents located over 1,200 meter above sea level. The team decided to implement the system in a village in North Sumatera called Sipahutar Village. There are more than 80 families have benefit from this system until present.

After going through various processes, a natural spring was found in the area, located about 86 meters underground. Thanks to the construction of adequate VMCP facilities, the area finally has a clean water supply to accommodate the residents’ needs.

Supported by several other facilities such as adequate pumps, pipes, and reservoirs, the underground springs can reach every area in the village up to 500 meters away. Although there were several issues in the beginning, such as the lack of electricity supply to support the equipment, the residents were pleased with the implementation of the VMCP system in their village.

The implementation of the VMCP system in Sipahutar Village has proven that BINUSIANs are able to contribute to the nation. This is in line with BINUS’ vision and mission as a world class university, fostering and empowering the society for the better.