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Energy-Efficient Vehicle by BASE Students Made It to Shell Eco Marathon Global Rank 2021

BINUS ASO School of Engineering continues to cement itself as one of the leading engineering schools in Asia through an achievement from their students. A team of Engineering students from BASE named “D’BASE” made it to the global rank of Shell Eco Marathon 2021, a global competition for high school and university student teams initiated by Shell, a world-renowned group of energy and petrochemical companies. D’BASE is ranked #14 from a total of 80 finalists from Asia, and ranked #28 out of 235 global teams.

D’BASE was formed back in 2016, with a mission to contribute to the development of eco-friendly technology and global environmental sustainability. The team also aspires to support BINUS UNIVERSITY’s vision to foster and empower society. D’BASE also serves as a platform to encourage younger generations to innovate in automotive technology energy efficiency. For D’BASE, winning the Shell Eco Marathon is just one milestone of many more achievements going forward.

With the depletion of today’s world oil reserves, we need to develop more efficient energy sources. Innovations related to energy efficiency continue to be developed and carried out by various parties, from the government to private companies.

Private corporations, including Shell, also makes an effort in terms of encouraging innovations. The company regularly organizes the Shell-Eco Marathon (SEM) Competition since 1985 until today. The multinational oil and gas company seeks to inspire and inspire the youth of the world to contribute to the energy challenges of the future.

SEM Competition challenges young people across the globe to develop solutions for human mobility by designing, building and testing environmentally friendly, energy-efficient transportation vehicles. There are two categories in this competition, namely Prototype and Urban Concept.

D’BASE Team has successfully proven that the abilities and expertise of young Indonesian students are on a world-class level.