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Managing Plastic Waste for a Better Environment

As much as 32% of the waste produced in Indonesia is not handled properly and correctly. What’s more, plastic waste is currently not getting as much attention as it should be. In fact, plastic waste takes up to 1000 years to decompose. Data from the Indonesian Plastic Industry Association (INAPLAS) and the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) show that plastic waste in Indonesia reaches 64 million tons per year. A total of 3.2 million tons of which is plastic waste that is dumped into the sea. The same source stated that 10 billion pieces of plastic bags are wasted in the environment per year or as many as 85,000 tons of plastic bags (, 2019). This is of course very concerning.

Based on these concerns, two BINUS UNIVERSITY Creativepreneurship students from Bandung, Tanta and Vincent, decided to build a business that can process plastic waste into products that are useful for everyday life. Creating a plastic waste management business is certainly not an easy thing for Tanta and Vincent. Even so, both remain optimistic and take every challenge encountered in business as a lesson. Not only optimism, Tanta and Vincent’s success in building and managing a waste management business is also supported by the learning ecosystem in the BINUS @BANDUNG Creativepreneurship study program.

“The business development process like ours can continue to be developed in an environment that introduces us to various opportunities, and also coaches who continue to guide us, so that we are able to establish a business that we aspire to,” said Vincent, one of the founders of the plastic waste management business.

The pride that Tanta and Vincent feel in being BINUSIAN in the BINUS @Bandung Creativepreneurship study program, but also where they feel that they are becoming more and more fully human. This concern can certainly be seen from the choice of business fields that they are involved in. It is hoped that Tanta and Vincent’s contribution will inspire other BINUSIANs to help preserve the environment in their own way. The Binusians are also expected to be encouraged to inspire each other in achieving and giving the best for the nation and state.

Through #CeritaBINUSIAN, BINUSIANs can share their inspirational stories to encourage and inspire others, as well as enliven the celebration of Towards 40 Years of BINUS Work.