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A Call to Serve the Community: How Elisse Discovered Her Passion with Teach for Indonesia

In 2015, Bina Nusantara established Teach for Indonesia (TFI), a non-profit community development program that focuses on improving the quality of life and giving education and expertise access to everyone.

Elisse Pandean had just started her study at BINUS UNIVERSITY when she came across Teach for Indonesia Student Community at a university expo. Since she was young, Elisse’s parents have always encouraged her to help others in need. When she learned how the community implements social programs to contribute to the society, she immediately felt a calling to join the mission in helping others.

The lack of education in some parts of Indonesia brought Elisse to a project at Rumah Singgah Balarenik, a shelter located in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta. Rumah Singgah Balarenik has been a place for children who don’t have access to go to school.

Elisse was overwhelmed by the children’s response when she and the other TFI members came to visit the shelter. “When I came to visit Rumah Singgah Balarenik, I see how the children were very passionate to learn. They were very excited to welcome us as their teachers for the day,” said Elisse.

Elisse tried to position herself as a friend to these vulnerable children, as she felt that all of the children at Rumah Singgah Balarenik has the same right as her to get access to education.

Through this community development activity, Elisse admitted that she gained a wider perspective on how she views society. Teaching and sharing at Rumah Singgah Balarenik didn’t just give positive impact to the children, but to all BINUSIAN who were involved in the activities.

Every person has the right to education, however, some don’t have the privilege to continue their education. As the ones who do, Elisse feels like she has to give back to society. Small steps can lead to big impact to shift toward Indonesian future education. If you’re interested to join Elise and TFI Student Community, visit