BINUS International Office

How Brain Education Meditation Increases Immunity

A professor from Global Cyber University, Prof. Hyun-Jeong Yang, was invited by BINUS Korea Corner to speak about “How Brain Education Meditation Increases Immunity” at its virtual international webinar, held on 2 August 2021. 

The webinar discussed the scientific concepts of brain education meditation as well as its practical exercises. 

Prof. Hyun-Jeong Yang elaborated the scientific concepts of brain education meditation in the first half of the webinar, emphasizing the effect of both brain education meditation and its exercises on immune systems and health promotion. 

Research has reported that mind-body interventions (such as meditation, qigong, yoga, and others) can improve the immune system due to its ability to regulate stress and reduce inflammation.

Moreover, brain education meditation-based exercises improves immune responses by increasing lymphatic flow and lymphatic drainage, which might impact body temperature.

“…the contraction and relaxation of the muscle can facilitate lymphatic flow. That’s how the exercises improve lymphatic flow,” explained Prof. Hyun-Jeong Yang to more than 600 participants joining the webinar. 

The second half of the webinar was led by Ms. Kim Eun Ju, a Meditation Trainer, demonstrating the brain education meditation-based exercises.

The webinar concluded with a Q&A session, where the attendees actively asked about the exercises of the brain education meditation and its dedicated course at Global Cyber University.