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Rosyita’s Story: How to Balance Sport and Studies with BINUS Online Learning

Rosyita Eka Putri Sari is an athlete from a national badminton club, PB Djarum. The club produces many world-renowned badminton athletes from Indonesia. Most Indonesian national team players playing the big championships on TV were often been trained since their early years in this prestigious club. Rosyita, born in 1996 is ranked #310 in the world at women’s double category.

Rosyita started playing since she was younger. Her father was the one who introduced her to the sport, and she grew up loving badminton. She then joined PB Djarum in 2011.

For many, being able to focus on their education is a privilege. However, for Rosyita, this wasn’t the case. As an athlete, she has to deal with busy training schedules all day, so finding a time to study was a challenge for her. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop her from pursuing higher education.

In 2019, Rosyita is enrolled in BINUS Online Learning – Business Management Program. “With BINUS Online Learning, I believe nothing is impossible,” said Rosyita. “I can focus on my study without having to sacrifice my practice.”

BINUS Online Learning offers flexible online classes schedule, which Rosyita finds very convenient. With BINUS Online Learning, Rosyita doesn’t have to be to be physically present at campus. She can join her classes anywhere, including from the badminton hall where she practices.