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BINUS UNIVERSITY Global Class Industry Visit to PT. Bayer Indonesia

Over 70 students and staff from BINUS UNIVERSITY Global Class participated in a virtual industry visit to PT. Bayer Indonesia on Friday, June 18, 2021. Bayer is known as a multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company from Germany. 

During the virtual visit, Bayer Indonesia welcomed all Binusian students to discover more about the company through an introduction about purpose, vision, and sustainability by Ibu Luluina Karina, Head of Human Resources at Bayer Indonesia. Ibu Lulu also stressed the importance of finding a company that aligns with one’s values to connect in a more meaningful way.

The focus of the visit is a sharing session presented by Bapak Adrin Ramdana Rauf, Head of Operations, Product Supply CH at Bayer Indonesia. Bapak Adrin shared his knowledge and insights about supply chain management from his experience at Bayer Indonesia. In this presentation, he gave a thorough explanation to introduce the supply chain process and more specifically how this was done at the operational level. the also encouraged Binusian students to shape the skills and competencies needed in the supply chain industry. 

Some other highlights from the visit include a virtual office tour of Bayer Indonesia Office in Menara Astra, Jakarta as well as a virtual tour to one of Bayer Indonesia’s plants in Cimanggis, Depok.

“Aside from benefiting students to gain more insight to the industry experience, from the industry side we hope that this collaboration activity serves as an opportunity for us to learn more empirical & scientific knowledge in our practical day-to-day activities,” said Bapak Adrin, representing PT. Bayer Indonesia.