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BINUS ASO School of Engineering ARE E-Portofolio Exhibition 2021

On 9-12 June 2021, BINUS ASO School of Engineering (BASE) held “ARE E-Portofolio Exhibition 2021”, a virtual exhibition where the Automotive & Robotics Engineering (ARE) students showcase various products and prototypes.

In this exhibition, visitors may experience learning the atmosphere and the output presented by BINUS ASO School of Engineering students through visual and audio media.

The ARE E-Portfolio Exhibition 2021 is one of the first virtual exhibitions by BINUS ASO School of Engineering and will be followed by various future events with different products and creations.

Bapak Endra, S.Kom., M.T., Head of Program, Automotive Robotics Engineering (ARE) Program, BINUS ASO School of Engineering, BINUS University welcomed all visitors to explore the innovative ideas and product prototypes from Automotive Robotics Engineering. This exhibition serves as an example of the project-based learning method used in ARE program, in order to encourage students to innovate, communicate, and work in team, either inside or outside the classroom.

Albeit the Covid-19 pandemic, the ideas and prototypes are developed and cultivated by learning systems supported by ARE, supervised by BASE’s lecturers through various learning process adaptations.

He also mentioned that these innovations are specifically aimed for applications in the field of intelligent automotive, intelligent manufacture and smart home, building, or city, in line with the digital era’s global trend and beyond, in terms of applications within industry 4.0.

Bapak Endra hopes that these creations can be transformed into solutions and better processes, activities, or creations that are beneficial to the student and the community.