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Guardian, Application for the Healing of Post-Operative Patients by a BINUS SCHOOL Student

Technological developments have opened opportunities for the community to develop an innovation that can be applied in various fields, including the health sector. Health technology has developed to be more sophisticated and efficient in helping the performance of health workers. It is not only medical personnel who are facilitated by various innovations in the health sector, patients are also increasingly facilitated in obtaining information and health services according to their needs.

Technological developments in the world of health have covered various aspects. Starting from services, patient data storage, medical equipment, drug development, and so on. In several hospitals, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been applied to help the performance of health workers in carrying out surgery. In addition, health monitoring technology is also very helpful for media personnel in monitoring the condition of patients from before, during, to post-medical actions such as surgery.

Not only developed by professionals, technology and innovation in the world of health can also be developed by students and young people today. One of the BINUS SCHOOL Simprug students named Gardyan succeeded in creating an application for healing postoperative patients named Guardian. At that time, Gardyan was a student who was still in grade 10 at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. This disease has taken over his life drastically because he has to undergo a brain surgery process, laser treatment and also a recovery process that he has to undergo for a year. However, Gardyan still got up by taking advantage of this tough situation.

Gardyan has been able to create a computer-based program to assist him in recording the frequency of severe headaches resulting from brain tumour surgery. The program that Gardyan has successfully developed (currently “Guardian”) allows patients to easily record the area of ​​the head where the pain is felt, the time when the pain lasts, and what activities are being carried out when the pain recurs. The program is then able to compile data and produce reports and graphs which can then be submitted to the doctor for analysis.

The program that was created by Gardyan was able to become the potential and hope in the lives of other patients in Indonesia, Gardyan was then invited by his doctor to make a presentation in front of doctors and neurologists, and in this case, Gardyan is the youngest especially without even having a medical degree but has the opportunity to become a speaker in front of doctors who are experts and he is able to present solutions that can have a positive impact on brain tumour trauma patients in Indonesia & Gardyan has succeeded in helping several patients with headaches in several Polyclinics and Hospitals.