BINUS International Office

“Navigating Hollywood: An American Dream” Webinar by BINUS UNIVERSITY and Arman Tjandrawidjaja

BINUS UNIVERSITY in collaboration with Arman Tjandrawidjaja, one of the university’s alumnus, had a virtual webinar held on Wednesday, 3rd of March, 2021. The webinar was hosted by BINUS UNIVERSITY’s International Office and focused on how to start a career in Hollywood with Arman Tjandrawidjaja and his years of experience in the film industry. 

Arman Tjandrawidjaja is currently the Information & Technology (IT) Director of Lionsgate, a multibillion-dollar film production company in the U.S. that is well known for producing The Hunger Games, John Wick, La La Land and more. He started working at the company in 2008 and worked his way up to become an IT director. 

The webinar started at 11:30 AM and held on Zoom had a great reception, with over 500 participants who attended. The participants consisted of both BINUS UNIVERSITY’s current and alumni students, all of which seem to be excited about working in the film industry of Hollywood. The event started with introductions by the MC as well as for the speaker, which is Arman Tjandrawidjaja himself. 

Arman Tjandrawidjaja then talked about his job as an IT Director, which includes some of the business processes such as greenlighting, acquisition and production, rights and management, and more. He also talked about the perks he gets from working with a top film production company, which are movie premieres and employees-only screenings for the company’s movies. 

The webinar continued on with Arman giving tips and tricks on how to make it as an actor, using his well-known daughter, Malea Emma, as an example of how to start and manage a career as an actor in the film industry of Hollywood. 

The webinar then ended with a short Q&A session for the students to ask more questions to Arman about his work at Lionsgate, his daughter’s career and more.