BINUS International Office

Live Q&A Session with BINUS UNIVERSITY’s International Scholarship Student

BINUS UNIVERSITY held a live Q&A session on @binusglobal’s Instagram page with one of the university’s international scholarship students, Blessing Takudzwa, on the 27th of February, 2021. The Q&A session was hosted by Ms. Christabel Sasabone, the International Communication Section Head of the ICSER (International Communication, Student Engagement and Recruitment) unit. 

Blessing Takudzwa, one of BINUS UNIVERSITY’s World Class Scholarship awardee, shares his views and experiences of studying at the university and living in Indonesia so far. Originally from Zimbabwe, Blessing is taking the Finance program at BINUS INTERNATIONAL and started his study here in 2018. 

The live Q&A session, which was attended with over 45 people from around the world in total, was a casual chit-chat session where Blessing can share his experience being an international student both in BINUS UNIVERSITY and Jakarta, Indonesia. 

The session started with how Blessing first heard about the university and what made him end up choosing the university as his main choice for studies. Blessing mentioned that he has always wanted to study abroad, and when was researching universities abroad, he stumbled on BINUS UNIVERSITY and started researching more and talking with the admissions team directly after he has made his inquiry.

Blessing then mentioned that the university also offers a full scholarship program for international students, called the BINUS World Class Scholarship, which paid his four-year tuition of an undergraduate study in full. The scholarship also offers free accommodation, health insurance and more for the students.

Towards the end of the session, Blessing talked about the differences between life at Zimbabwe and in Indonesia, as well as his first impression when he first came to the country. A few students also from Zimbabwe came to join the live Q&A and asked Blessing about the city of Jakarta and how easy is it to commute in the city.

The Q&A session ended on a high note as Blessing mentions he is thankful for the opportunity he has been given to study abroad and achieve one of his lifelong dreams.