BINUS International Office

“Journey to the Downunder, Australia” A Student Exchange Webinar by BINUS UNIVERSITY

BINUS UNIVERSITY recently held a virtual webinar on Zoom with an alumnus, Shelma Ibrahim, who shared her experience of studying abroad in Australia for her student exchange program on the 4th of March, 2021. The webinar conducted by the International Office of BINUS UNIVERSITY was made for exchange students to share their experiences.

Shelma Ibrahim, a student taking a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Information Systems at BINUS UNIVERSITY, took part in the exchange program and went down underAustralia, taking Information Systems as her program of choice. The university she chose was the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Shelma shared the process of her applying for the student exchange program at BINUS UNIVERSITY and how it was one of the best moments she had. She mentioned the university gave her proper guidance and helped her with the application process as well as helping her deciding on which university to apply for. 

The webinar continued with Shelma talking about her experience being in Queensland, Australia, and the culture shocks she had whilst staying there. She mentioned that she was lucky to have the opportunity to be an exchange student at one of Australia’s top universities, especially with her program of choice, Information Systems.

Before closing, the host gave a few more minutes for the audience to ask any questions to Shelma about the application process, life in Queensland, Australia and what it’s like studying at QUT. The International Office of BINUS UNIVERSITY also shared that they will be having more virtual webinars for students to join where they will talk about scholarships available, program information and deadlines.