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BINUS UNIVERSITY’s Info Session with Abaarso School of Somaliland

On the 21st of January, 2021, BINUS UNIVERSITY held an online info session with one of the schools in Somaliland, Africa, Abaarso School of Science and Technology. The info session was hosted by ICSRE of BINUS Global, the International Communication, Student Recruitment and Engagement with the Abaarso School’s students and High-Achieving Low-Income (HALI) Access Network representatives. 

The event, which focused on introducing BINUS UNIVERSITY and Indonesia as a study destination had over 20 participants from the school. The info session talked about BINUS UNIVERSITY’s programs, admission information as well as scholarships available. The session also briefly mentioned Jakarta, Indonesia, and facts and information about the country. 

The session started with the host thanking the participants for attending and introducing the speakers. Lea Simek, ICSRE’s manager, gave a short welcoming speech to the students and the info session began with Niko Firdaus, the International Student Recruitment Section Head, talking about Indonesia and BINUS UNIVERSITY.

The students were engaged in the info session as the Q&A part of the session was when the students were the most active. BINUS UNIVERSITY also had a few students who are alumni of the Abaarso School and had a video of a testimonial of one of the students talking about his experience studying at the university so far. The student is also one of BINUS UNIVERSITY’s World Class Scholarship awardee, where an international student has his program, accommodation and more fully paid by the university.

Overall, the event has deemed a success and BINUS UNIVERSITY is proud to be able to spread awareness, especially in African countries like Somaliland. The info session piqued interest in the students of the Abaarso School and the university is looking forward to having more events with the school.