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WeKiddo Application, BINUS UNIVERSITY’s Students Supporting Education in Indonesia

Jakarta – BINUS UNIVERSITY students are presenting their work for the nation and country with the WeKiddo application. WeKiddo is an application that serves as a learning platform for all students from elementary to high school or vocational school. Until now, the WeKiddo application has been used by more than 100 schools throughout Indonesia and will continue to grow. This application can be used free of charge by students, teachers and parents or guardians of students. Especially for parents, this application can be a means to monitor all teaching and learning activities that take place via a smartphone.

The founders of the WeKiddo application are none other than four BINUS UNIVERSITY students from the Informatics Engineering Study Program. The four students are Ferry Irawan who currently serves as the CEO of WeKiddo, William Chandra who serves as COO of WeKiddo, Jani Khatwani who is the CMO of WeKiddo, and William Nover who is serving as WeKiddo’s CTO. Currently, the four of them are still active students at BINUS UNIVERSITY and are scheduled to attend the graduation ceremony in 2020. In the midst of their obligation to complete their final assignment, WeKiddo members remain committed to expanding the use of their application by holding the spirit of fostering and empowering the community (fostering and empowering).

Currently, the WeKiddo application has been equipped with various features that can support online teaching and learning from anywhere using a smartphone. Especially in the online learning era due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, the features in the WeKiddo application can be increasingly used to support the teaching and learning process at home. Some of the features in the WeKiddo application include assigning assignments to students from teachers, monitoring academic activities such as attendance, announcements from school, and lesson schedules, academic progress including grades, a list of subjects, and a summary of values, academic activities in outside of schools such as course venues, academic competitions, and news related to education, and, no less interesting, features for the future of students after graduating from school.

This feature can support students to plan their studies by sorting courses according to their interests and talents, providing information related to scholarships, and educational consulting agencies. The WeKiddo application also takes a unique angle in creating applications that can support the world of education in Indonesia to be better, namely the contribution of parents in the education of their children. With the features in the application, WeKiddo hopes that the contribution of parents will not only increase in quantity but also in quality. That way, it is hoped that the needs of students to get quality education can be fulfilled and the needs of parents to fully understand the development of their children’s education can also be fulfilled.