BINUS International Office

Market Entry Strategy to Indonesia 2021


  • 2 credits
  • Online classes
  • Virtual visits

The program is conducted in English.

Sessions (Platform: Zoom)

All times are stated in Western Indonesian Time (UTC +07:00).

July 26 12:30–15:00 Orientation: Introduction to the Program, Getting to Know Each Other, Project Explanation, and Group Division
Group Activity (Ice-breaking): Indonesian Culture, History, and Language
Lecture 1 “Indonesia: Economic, Politics, and Demography”
July 27 12:30–15:00 A virtual visit to the industry “Bambang-Batik” (to be confirmed)
Lecture 2 “Doing Business in Indonesia”
July 28 13:30–17:00 Lecture 3 “Export/Import Modes”
Lecture 4 “Intermediate Entry Modes”
July 29 13:30–17:00 Lecture 5 “Hierarchical Modes”
Discussion (self-directed learning)
July 30 13:00–15:00 Meet the facilitators/mentors: Project Progression
August 2 13:30–17:00 Group Activity (tuning-up): Cultural Exchange
Lecture 6 “Sourcing Decision and the Role of the Supplier”
August 3 13:30–17:00 Lecture 7 “Product and Service Decisions”
Lecture 8 “Pricing Decisions and Terms of Doing Business”
August 4 13:30–17:00 A virtual visit to the industry “Ayam Bakar Abah Tea” (
Lecture 9 “Distribution Decisions”
August 5 13:30–17:00 Lecture 10 “Communication Decisions and Cross-Cultural Sales Negotiations”
Discussion (self-directed learning)
August 6 13:30–17:00 Meet the facilitators/mentors
Project showcase and closing

The program book will be sent to successful registrants one week before the program starts.


Important Dates Activities
December 1, 2020–June 26, 2021 Registration (CLOSED)
July 2, 2021/July 3, 2021 Interview sessions (BATCH 1)
July 26, 2021 Program starts
August 7, 2021 Program ends



  • Undergraduate students from any majors
  • Good command of English
  • Highly motivated and open-minded


  • All registrations must be submitted through the online platform ( The selected registrants will be notified within two weeks after the registration deadline.
  • The program is free of charge.