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BINUS UNIVERSITY Research on Beverage Dealcoholisation Published in Trends in Food Science & Technology

Research by Dave Mangindaan, S.T., M.T., Ph.D., AMRSC from Food Biotechnology of Bina Nusantara University on the topic of the beverage dealchoholisation process has been published in the peer-reviewed journal, Trends in Food Sciences and Technology. The research is entitled ‘Beverage Dealcoholisation Processes; Past, Present & Future’ and delves into the significant rise in the demand for non-alcoholic drinks including wine and beer yet manufacturers face a challenge in achieving a beverage that offers the same flavours and aromas due to the processes being employed in production. Therefore, it is imperative to have appropriate processes or methods to selectively remove ethanol while retaining the volatile components that are related to the flavour and aroma of the original brew.

The scope of the research encompasses a clear presentation of the methods in use today for dealcoholisation such as thermal processes as well as examines the health and nutrient benefits of beverages such as beer and wine. Furthermore, the paper looks in detail and more advanced methods of beverage dealcoholisation using a membrane alongside other processes.

The conclusions of the paper look at how the processes that employ a membrane demonstrate promising results for beverage dealcoholisations while preserving the sensorial properties. However, there is still a lot of effort to be placed on the research for the development of the prospective separation process that may produce brews that are both healthy (dealcoholized) and delicious.

Read the full text of the published article here