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BINUS UNIVERSITY To Host International Days

International Days iDay BINUS event

From 31st October – 1st November 2019, BINUS UNIVERSITY will host International Day 2019 (I-Day), an annual event that invites the university’s partners from various industries and academia to showcase educate students on the ongoing opportunities such collaborations and partnerships provide. This year’s theme will be ‘Global Lifelong Learning’ and the university encourages all stakeholders to register before 13th September 2019. I-Day will occur simultaneously across all the university’s campuses.

The event will feature an info session that will explain to guests BINUS’ exchange programs, available scholarships, and short courses. Furthermore, university partners will provide guest lectures and seminars in addition to the university facilitating a batik workshop and city tour. Through this event, BINUS UNIVERSITY has illustrated its capacity to be a highly-proficient partner by leading international higher education institutions.