BINUS International Office

BINUS UNIVERSITY Hosts Dr Matueusz Woinski

From 17th – 20th June 2019, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted Mr Matueusz Woinski Ph.D from the Faculty of Law of the Kozminski University in Poland as a guest lecture to undergraduate Business Law students. His lectures included the topic of criminal law and highlighted how the Polish legal system was familiar to the Indonesian legal system – partly because they were both influenced by similar European legal systems.

mateusz lecture

In addition to providing lectures, Mr Woinski also provided a presentation on the legal aspects of online businesses stating examples from the EU as well as his native Poland. With Indonesia’s e-commerce market fast becoming one of Asia’s most attractive investment destinations, the country’s government has finally enacted new taxation law on this industry, showcasing its commitment to developing this high potential industry.

Through this visit, BINUS UNIVERSITY has demonstrated its capacity to collaborate with leading business minds, as evident from the visit of Dr Woinski. This is part of the university’s larger focus to expand its network and contribute to a variety of sectors in Indonesia.