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BINUS UNIVERSITY Student Crowned Miss Indonesia 2019

On 16th February 2019, BINUS UNIVERSITY student Ms Princess Mikhaelia Audrey Megonodo was crowned as Miss Indonesia 2019 at a ceremony in Jakarta. Currently taking the undergraduate International Business program, Ms Megonodo surpassed 34 other contestants and will now be eligible to represent Indonesia at the Miss World 2019 event in Thailand.

Ms Megonodo was representing the province of Jambi in the contest and impressed the judges with her mastery of 3 foreign languages; English, Mandarin, and French. Additionally, the judges also admired her strong opinions regarding women and politic in Indonesia. She highlighted that the country has had a long-history of women participating in the political landscape and representation in the state parliament has continued to increase year-to-year. As such, these women legislators play an important role in driving several policy priorities such as women’s rights, poverty eradication, education parity, and healthcare.

Ms Megonodo’s recent achievements demonstrates the array of globally-orientated students studying at the institution. Supporting such students will poise to position graduates as industry leaders in Indonesia and across the region.