BINUS International Office

BINUS UNIVERSITY Hosts Humanitarian Festival 2018

On 30th November 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted its yearly Humanitarian Festival at its campus in Jakarta. Collaborating with the institution’s NGO division, Teach for Indonesia (TFI), the festival saw the university’s teaching staff and students provide training and knowledge sharing sessions on community sustainability programs to visitors. As such, these initiatives aim to empower communities through the development of skills that can be utilized to improve quality of life.

The event also featured seminars illustrating the diverse social and environmental problems in Indonesia, covering pressing topics such as managing household debts to plastic pollution — BINUS UNIVERSITY itself has developed numerous research programs to support and propose viable solutions for a variety of sectors ranging from computer systems to medicine to bioinformatics. Furthermore, the university distributed scholarships to the children of its employees from low-income backgrounds through its BINUS Talent Kids Scholarship program. With more than 500 recipients being awarded this year, the program will support the children’s academic and non-academic activities, providing them with the foundation to enter higher education or employment.

Through this event, BINUS UNIVERSITY’s enrolled students have an opportunity to engage closely with Indonesian society; producing graduates that are well-rounded and eager to participate in advancing the country’s workforce.