BINUS International Office

BINUS UNIVERSITY Hosted International Thematic Camp

From 16th-20th December 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY through its School of Information Systems hosted the International Thematic Camp (ITC@SIS 2018), a four-day project-based course that focuses on the latest developments in information systems. Themed ‘One World, One Family’, students developed strategies on how to implement the nuances of information systems to sectors such as e-tourism and the services industry, in addition to learning how to enhance mobility, user experience, and its effect on innovation.

Prominent speakers attended the event include Prof. Veera Bhatiasevi from Mahidol University in Thailand and user experience specialists from renowned Indonesian companies Go-Jek and Sinarmas. The speakers showcased that an integrated set of components for collecting, processing, and storing data are required for any information systems. As such, organizations from business firms to government bodies rely on information systems to manage their operations, interact with customers, run supply chains, and process financial accounts among many others.

Through implementing wide-elements of IT knowledge as the basis for its study programmes, BINUS UNIVERSITY students are some of Indonesia’s most sought-after young professionals able to lead major academic and industry breakthroughs. It is hoped that through this course, students can develop the relevant skills in the unique field of information systems and thus compete in today’s era of technological innovation-centred development.