BINUS International Office

BINUS UNIVERSITY and IHS Delivered An Evening Lecture

On 4th December 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY in collaboration with the Indonesian Heritage Society (IHS) hosted a guest lecture and discussion panel at the Erasmus Huis building on the topic of ‘social movements in Indonesian music’. The IHS is a non-profit entity with the aim of promoting the country’s cultural heritage through a wide range of activities. This includes organizing museum tours, guest lecture events, heritage tours, and many other activities related to Indonesian culture. Through this year’s event, the lecture highlighted how local musicians have become an integral part of modern Indonesian society and how their music can drive positive changes in communities throughout the country.

Facilitated by students from the Communications undergraduate program at BINUS INTERNATIONAL, the event featured Ms Lala Karmela, Ms Kartika Jahja, and Mr Ardhito Pramono — contemporary Indonesian musicians — joined the discussion panel as well as provided a live music performance. The three artists hope to illustrate that Indonesian music is regularly highlighting the many social issues the country is facing, and that through this medium, artists can build close relationships with their fans and exert their constructive influence.

Visitors started registering at 6 pm to enjoy the refreshments. The lecture was opened at 7 pm by IHS and BINUS representatives.

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