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BINUS Northumbria School of Design Hosts Kirie Workshop

As part of its strategy to provide students with essential know-how from prominent
industry practitioners, the BINUS Northumbria School of Design in partnership with
the Indonesian Association of Graphic Designers hosted a Kirie workshop on 14th
September 2018 at its FX campus in Jakarta.

Kirie or Kirigami is a unique paper cutting art form from Japan and students were
provided with the opportunity to learn from Mr Shu Kobo, a renowned Japanese artist
known for his contemporary Kirie artwork — many of his designs have been used on
stamps, textiles, as well as bottles. As such, his designs have been exhibited worldwide
in galleries in the USA, Spain, Portugal, the Philippines, and Malaysia among many

At the event, students were taught the various processes of Kirié from tracing the
pattern to understanding how to use the specialized washi paper, to finally cutting the
design. Moreover, the workshop showcased to students the history of this art form, and
how since its inception in 610 AD, it has undertaken many influences, resulting in
various contemporary motifs; the Kirié designs are often used to represent wealth,
perfection, elegance, and man’s relationship with his family and community.
The washi paper itself originated from China before it was brought to Japan and by 800
AD, the Japanese had manufactured their own washi paper.

This latest workshop is a prime example of the School of Design’s emphasis on
providing both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. This strategy helps graduates
produce new products and innovative fashion ensembles for the local and international
fashion industry.