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BINUS UNIVERSITY Hosts Google Crowdsource

On 27th April 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted prominent technology company, Google, at its FX campus in Jakarta. The company took the opportunity to present a short talk to students and faculty members titled, ‘Google Crowdsource and the Impact of Machine Learning and Smarter AI’. The lecture educated attendees on the company’s app, Crowdsource — which asks users to contribute to the improvement of a number of Google tools such as language translations, handwriting recognition, and street sign conscriptions — and the effects of artificial intelligence and machine learning on economic development.

Attending the event were several members of Google Crowdsource’s management team which included; Mr Praveen Das as Project Manager; Ms Kasturi Baruah as Community Manager; in addition to Miss Lany Soenarso as the Country Head of education agency AECC Global; and Ms Yonela Tananda as Counselling Manager of AECC Global.

The talk further highlighted how machine learning and artificial intelligence are continuously transforming the global technological landscape. From digital assistants to image-recognition software to cyber-security, computers have transformed the efficiency of public and private organizations; thus impacting integral sectors of a country’s economy.

Mr Das highlighted that the use of AI can help increase the yield of farmland, with machine learning algorithms being used to plant and fertilize seeds at a speed beyond human abilities. Moreover, other important sectors such as healthcare can also benefit from machine learning methods as it can be utilized to understand the spread of disease as well as provide relief. Going forward, there is also a potential in which machine learning could feasibly develop cures or predict the location of an outbreak. It is therefore vital for a country as diverse as Indonesia to prepare the necessary infrastructure to take advantage of the advancements in the technology.

In hosting Google Crowdsource, BINUS UNIVERSITY demonstrated its commitment to providing students with the knowledge to stay at the forefront of an increasingly digitized society. Further supported by curricula that nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit, the university’s graduates have become some of the most sought-after IT professionals on the local and international stage.