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BINUS UNIVERSITY Research on Practice-led Teaching Methods in Art & Design Courses

BINUS UNIVERSITY researcher Ms Hanny Wijaya has successfully completed her research on the use of practice-led teaching methodology as an effective tool to educate art and design students. Initiated in 2015, the research project was implemented in the Western Art Review course of the Visual Communication Design undergraduate programme and focused on encouraging students to explore the diverse visual languages used by artists to communicate to their audience.As part of their course, students were taught the subjects; ‘Interpreting Western Art Period through Illustration’ and ‘Applying other Materials to Reproduce Western Art’, to better understand the context in which an artwork is created in order to grasp its true meaning and also gain new information regarding new techniques and materials. Through this method of teaching, students were able to apply their own creative and methodical approaches to famous western artworks into their individual creations, incorporating various themes, colours, and elements — producing truly contemporary designs.From the success of this practice-based research method, BINUS UNIVERSITY demonstrated the capacity of its human resources to develop innovative teaching methods to increase student engagement in the learning process. Such initiatives have garnered the university its reputation for contributing to the advancement of Indonesia’s higher education sector.