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BINUS UNIVERSITY Hosts Seminar on Digital Marketing

On 17th January 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY in cooperation with local marketing company InboundID hosted a seminar on digital marketing at its FX campus in Jakarta. The event featured a workshop for students, staff, and business leaders on the nuances of digital marketing and its importance in fulfilling the business goals or objectives of local and international companies. Speakers present at the event included the Business Strategy Manager of Google Singapore Mr Ferdian Gunawan, Head of Emerging Business for Indonesia & Philippines at Facebook Mr Ferdy Nandes, and Country Media Manager of Unilever Indonesia Mr Tessa Mahendra Tamin.

During the workshop, the speakers presented a variety of insightful topics such as ways to maximise Facebook’s marketing tools as well as utilising different techniques to increase your business’s search ranking on Google; among many others. The workshop highlighted that with the rise of internet users in Indonesia coupled with the growth of web-based services such as e-commerce, the need to implement marketing strategies through a digital platform can help businesses generate abundant data that effectively measure the impact of their marketing approach. Furthermore, this will also allow them to specifically target their audience, not just by gender or demographic, but also by profession or interests; thus resulting in a more personalised, fast, and seamless user experience.

BINUS UNIVERSITY’s latest seminar highlights its capacity to equip students with the concepts and tools to address brand communication in a digital world. The university’s graduates can, therefore, harness opportunities from emerging technologies to produce an integrated digital marketing plan based on their clients’ priorities and resources.