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BINUS UNIVERSITY Hosts Public Lecture on European Union

On 15th February 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted a public lecture on the potential economic, geopolitical, and social issues surrounding the future of the European Union (EU). Organised in collaboration with Institut Français Indonesia, the lecture was themed ‘Europe 2030: Decline or Birth’ and aimed to explore the unpredictable future of the EU and its role in the global economy in the coming decade.

Presenting the topic was Mr Nicolas Tenzer as the former advisor to the French Minister of Economy and Finance, Founder of the Centre for Study Research for Political Decision (CERAP), and the current editor-in-chief of the Le Banquet journal.

In his lecture, Mr Tenzer analysed the various elements that could impact the EU’s possible future decline or prosperity. These included aspects such as transatlantic relations, economic policies, as well as political stability. He also discussed how, with the UK’s unprecedented withdrawal from the EU, current member states will need to find new strategies on how to replace the UK’s economic, political, and military contribution to the union. Furthermore, with populist parties opposed to the European Union gaining momentum in regional elections, it is also essential for member states to enhance cooperation and develop reforms to further strengthen the eurozone.

BINUS UNIVERSITY’s latest seminar demonstrates the institution’s extensive network of international partners. As such, through this lecture, students can broaden their knowledge of current global issues and their long-term impact on Indonesia’s own sustainable development.