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BINUS UNIVERSITY Research on Practice-led Project

BINUS UNIVERSITY researcher, Hanny Wijaya, S.Sn., MA, has recently succeeded in a research about practice-led project as an attempt to solve a situation where teaching theoretical subjects in art and design courses can be really puzzling since these subjects are considered as ‘boring’ and ‘not interesting. This situation is indeed a challenge that need to be solved. One method that can be shown as an attempt to solve this problem is the development of Western Art Review subject in Visual Communication Design course at Binus University, Indonesia. The main objective of this practice-led project is mostly about changing the general perspective that Western art is not about ‘learning’ art history but more about ‘understanding’ art story.

Hanny Wijaya states that by understanding the fundamental story of art, students will be able to relate the context of Western cultures into their design content. As a result, students manage to apply their knowledge into their artworks by creating illustrations based on specific Western art contexts, colors, and themes. They are also able to apply some famous paintings or artworks from Western art periods into new artworks by using different materials and techniques such as quilled paper art. Hopefully, these practice-led projects will become new methods for art and design students so that they will be able to develop their theoretical knowledge in a creative manner.