BINUS International Office


Leggero – Italian for light, delicate, gentle
Performed on November 4th, 2017 in GOR Bulungan, Jakarta.

An accumulation of dreams before me, transformed into dance, a celebration of life, a reminder to embrace the moment.

My pride and joy, my choreographers, students and their wonderful friends brought something magical to the stage, embracing Indonesian traditions and creating a colourful, joyous performance. The aggregate of months of blood, sweat and tears turned into a present for those to witness it. I am so proud, impressed with the many hands and heads that contributed to make this happen.

This is once again a reminder for the city of Jakarta to follow the lead of the sponsors who believed in these young minds. Support art and creativity, for this is what makes us human.

This was one is for the dreamers.

In frame, the performance of Leggero 2017. You can find out more about them on Instagram. @BIDCbinusinter & @leggero_BIDC
The ladies: Hana, Hani, Semi, Jeje, Sal, Anjana, Ica, Nita, Stella, Monica, Dhea, Mei, Izzy
The gentlemen: Michael, Zomy, Tiyo, Fahmi, Ihsan, Widi, Jazmi, SH, Ugih, Didi, Leo, Kenny

All pictures by: Christine Gneuss