BINUS International Office


From 24th-27th November 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY held its BINUS Festival event which aimed to engage and inform students through workshops and seminars on national and global issues. The bi-yearly programme invites leading scholars, industry players, and NGOs to provide their in-depth insights to a wide variety of themes ranging from human rights to climate change, and youth development. This year’s topic focused on ‘People and Environment in the ASEAN’ which discusses the challenges surrounding increasing urbanization amidst rapid economic development amongst member states.

Guest speakers present at the event included Mr João Pedro Príncipe as CEO of Indonesian e-commerce website, Dr Mark Loo as the Associate Professor of the Faculty of Management at Concordia University in Canada, as well as Mr David Scott Visser from the International Organization for Migration among many others. Students were provided with the chance to present their questions and ideas as a means to gain broader knowledge on how urbanization is shaping the economies, societies, and environments across the ASEAN. Moreover, with the establishment of the AEC in 2016, member states must prepare for an unprecedented level of intra-ASEAN business activity and trade which has been relatively untapped thus far.

The university’s BINUS Festival is demonstrative of the institute’s dedication in preparing graduates for greater regional integration. With the pressing need for adept industry leaders in Indonesia, the BINUS FESTIVAL serves as a platform to better expose students to the necessary expertise to implement sustainable long-term development initiatives.