BINUS International Office

BINUS UNIVERSITY Collaborates with Positive Planet Foundation

In January 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY collaborated with the Positive Planet Foundation — a non-governmental organisation — to support the Up for the Planet initiative which aims to provide a template to solve many global issues by 2040. In support of this programme, the organisation is set to select 20 proposals which will be presented to the President of France as well as to world leaders at the G20 summit in July 2018. As such, BINUS UNIVERSITY encourages its students to submit proposals surrounding three themes before 1st February 2018, these include: preserving the environment, building a sustainable economy for future generations, and improving living conditions.

By participating in such initiatives, BINUS UNIVERSITY students can benefit from the comprehensive study of the diverse challenges facing the international community today. From climate change to child labour, students will need to utilize effective communication skills, the understanding of political knowledge, as well as reasoning and intuition in developing compelling arguments in their proposals. Furthermore, students can explore innovative ways to implement social entrepreneurship programmes and the management of impact investments, thus providing governments and businesses active solutions to solve global problems.

BINUS UNIVERSITY’s latest partnership demonstrates its ability to inspire socially responsible attitudes among its students. Coupled with its high-quality academic services and infrastructure, the university continues to support activities that contribute positively to human development in Indonesia and abroad.