BINUS International Office

Faculty Exchange – Sharing Content and Practices

Active participation in the ERASMUS program makes it possible for BINUS UNIVERSITY lecturers to regularly exchange knowledge and experience with fellow lecturers from around the world. Last year, BINUS UNIVERSITY’s subject content coordinator for Management program (Ms. Angtyasti Jiwasiddi) underwent a selection process for a two week exchange to Rotterdam Business School (RBS) in October 2016.

With more than two weeks there, she was exposed to differences in teaching. Throughout the entire study, at RBS, learning revolves around themed projects addressing relevant knowledge from different fields. Classroom sessions and smaller meetings are the usual approach to teaching. Angtyasti is currently discussing with her team to implement a similar approach at a smaller scale at BINUS. While class projects at BINUS are common, the university has been increasing its efforts towards more integrative projects.

Angtyasti was also guest lecturing in a general economic class where she was able to bring in her knowledge of consumer behavior in Indonesia. She shared about the business sector in Indonesia and the importance of Indonesia as a country for both labor and product markets. Through her lectures, she improved the students understanding of the Indonesian consumption mindset and how religion influences it, among other.

Angtyasti is dedicated to keep building the student centered learning at BINUS as well as sharing knowledge accumulated at BINUS with the university partners. She warmly invites her colleagues to also participate in the faculty exchange program to expand and strengthen their network of partners.