BINUS International Office

Hosts Seminar on ASEAN Economic Community

On 27th July 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY hosted the “Talking ASEAN: The Business Series” seminar which focused on the developments and challenges of skilled labour mobility in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). As a leading higher education institution that is committed to producing skilled graduates across various sectors, BINUS UNIVERSITY plays an active role in hosting programmes for its students which cover current affairs as well as relevant topics. In looking to ensure that participants are provided with direct industry insights, BINUS UNIVERSITY invited Dr. Yulius as Assistant Deputy Minister of Labour Affairs at Indonesia’s Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr I Gusti Putu Laksaguna as Secretary of the Tourism Business Certification Commission at the Ministry of Tourism, Dr Kun Wardana Abyoto as Director of UNI-APRO; Ms Yuniyati Chuzaifah as Vice Chairperson of the National Commission on Violence Against Women; Ms Agustha Lumban Tobing as Researcher at The Habibie Centre, and many others.

During the event, guest speakers explained in detail the impact of the mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) adopted by ASEAN member states would have on Indonesia and the country’s regional neighbours; the eight MRAs are applicable for professionals in the field of engineering, architecture, nursing, dentistry, tourism, medicine, accounting, and surveying. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to better comprehend one of the key problems hampering the free movement of skilled labour in the ASEAN: every ASEAN member country has different labour institutions and regulations. Guest speakers also added that liberalisation of the labour market would offer few benefits to low-skilled workers; this poses a problem given that the regional workforce remains largely dominated by low-skilled workers. In spite of the aforementioned outcomes, guest speakers remain optimistic that the AEC’s free movement of skilled workers poses greater growth opportunities than setbacks in the coming years. Through its latest seminar, BINUS UNIVERSITY demonstrates an unparalleled level of understanding on the importance of equipping its students with the necessary knowledge impacting Indonesia on a national as well as regional scale so as to find solutions that can initiate an impactful change to the country.