BINUS International Office

ASEAN CSR Small Grants Fund for Workplace Disability Research

On 29th August 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY researcher Dr Sanjukta Choudhury Kaul received the ASEAN CSR Vision 2020 Small Grants Fund for her research titled; “Mainstreaming Disability at Workplace: Role of CSR and Myanmar Businesses”, which aims highlights how businesses in Myanmar can make the appropriate adjustments to the workplace environment so that people of disability can participate equally as volunteers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders. Provided by the ASEAN CSR Network, the Small Grants Fund aims to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an integral strategy towards sustainable socio-economic development in ASEAN member states.

Through her research on mainstreaming disability at the workplace, Dr Kaul is thus supporting the ASEAN CSR Vision 2020 programme through which major social problems such as pervasive corruption and high poverty incidence can be addressed through CSR initiatives. Her research showcases how the implementation of innovative CSR instruments would enable businesses to address the issues regarding the greater inclusion of people with disabilities within their workforce – this, in turn, would provide mutual benefits to both businesses and their stakeholders across all industry sectors through increased productivity and efficiency.

As a university that makes available research tools that support wide-ranging research initiatives, BINUS UNIVERSITY through its researchers continues to propose viable solutions for some of the region’s most pressing problems. As such, the university therefore actively contributes to policies that recognise the importance of CSR as the nexus between social and economic development in the ASEAN.