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English as the Preliminary Step in Scholarship Applications

More times than often, English is a fundamental start to applying for a scholarship. As the English language is international, most universities utilize it as a functional bridge between nations and cultures. For the most part, scholarship providers would stress their scholars and grantees to obtain the most worthwhile experience and one way to certain is for every scholars master the english language flawlessly. The following are few quick tips on how to increase your mastery in the English language:

  1. To listen rather than to merely hear

Listening to everything you can get that is in English. This can span from english command radios, english news channels to movies. Surely this would enrich your english vocabularies and can serve as a confirmation on your constant wonders which noun to use, which grammar would fit perfectly or even the correct pronounciation of certain words.

  1. Surround yourself with the language

You need to get every chance you can get during your daily routines to practice. Perhaps getting a study partner who has the same goal or if you are bold enough, starting your class notes entirely in English. With no time, you will soon find yourself surrounded by the language.

  1. Identifying your English

As we probably have observed, English is to be claimed by a single nation. Variety of accents, wording and pronounciations exists in the english-speaking countries. You would probably notice how different an english native speaker form South Africa with a person from Lousiana in terms of how they sound. Therefore, it is imperative to identify which english test you got your cross-hair on. To pass your desirable TOEFL result, it is best to get your hands on american-english materials, (american news, television shows, etc) whereas for IELTS, you definitely need resources directly from England. As listening and speaking test are essential to these tests, it is definitely smarter to familiarize yourself with the right kind of english.

  1. Be brave!

Ultimately, being courageus to write and to converse with whomever in english is great to build your confidence in mastering it. Fear not to make mistakes and to be stand corrected by others, but you should see it in a different light, just simply an opportunity to improve!