BINUS International Office

Conferences : Calls for Papers

BINUS UNIVERSITY offers several international conferences with diverse subjects, from Business, Information Management, Game Art, to Eco Engineering Development. The deadline for abstracts differs from May 15th – August 31st. For more information, please take a look at the description below:


BINUS UNIVERSITY is accepting abstract submissions for the upcoming 6th International Conference on Business, International Relations, and Diplomacy (ICOBIRD) event that is set to take place in Jakarta from 2nd – 3rd November 2017.

In calling for abstract submissions, BINUS UNIVERSITY is hoping to encourage participants in finding solutions to concrete issues in order to contribute to national and international development. Selected winners will have their research published in the International Journal of Business and Society; the deadline for abstract submission is on 15th May 2017 followed with a notification of accepted abstracts on 30th May 2017.

ICIMTech 2017

From 15th-17th November 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY is set to host the International Conference on Information Management and Technology (ICIMTech) which will be held in the city of Yogyakarta. As such, the university is encouraging participants — students, researchers, R&D enterprises, academics, and government organisations — to submit papers on topics related to information systems. The application deadline will be on 31st May 2017.


BINUS UNIVERSITY announces a call for paper initiative for the International Conference on Immersive Technology (InCITECH) 2017 event that is scheduled to take place from 21st – 23rd November 2017 at the university’s Anggrek campus in Jakarta. This year’s InCITECH event will be the kick-start to what will be an annually-held event that serves as a forum for information communication technology (ICT) experts as well as teaching professionals of the study.

As part of the conference programme, participants are given the opportunity to submit their original and unpublished papers to the InCITECH committee which encompasses a broad range of topics on immersive technology in fields such as business, film and journalism, internet of things, robotics, and healthcare among others; the deadline for paper submissions is on 21st July 2017.


From 14th-15th November 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY is set to hold the second International Conference on Game, Game Art and Gamification (ICGGAG) which will be held at its FX Sudirman campus in Jakarta. The conferences bring together researchers, scientists, game designers, and students to discuss and demonstrate the different aspects of this sector. BINUS UNIVERSITY, therefore, encourages participants to submit research papers in the sphere of game, and gamification. The deadline for paper submissions will be 15th July 2017.

ICEED 2017

From 14th-15th November 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY will host the International Conference on Eco Engineering Development 2017 (ICEED) which will be held at the Melia Purosani Hotel in Yogyakarta. The goal of the conference is to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge between researchers, scholars, and industry leaders in the field of ecological engineering.

BINUS UNIVERSITY invites participants — scientists, researchers, NGOs and government organisations among others — to submit research papers on this subject in which the selected papers will be uploaded onto the IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science; an online portal that provides open access to scientific publications. The deadline for the paper submissions is 31st August 2017.