BINUS International Office

Building Strong Machine Recognition Research in SE Asia

By blending together her professional and off-duty interests, Dr. Lili hopes to strengthen machine recognition research is SE Asia and develop products on demand by the Indonesian tech savvy youth. International collaboration is imperative here, Dr. Lili believes, to exchange knowledge, understand different perspectives, tackle shared interests, and engage students.

Dr. Lili as lecturer specialist of the School of Computer Science at BINUS UNIVERSITY focuses her research on artificial intelligence, computational intelligence, and machine learning. As an educator, Lili finds this field fascinating. Namely, humans can easily recognize shapes and faces, but teaching this skill to a machine is very challenging. Since Lily moonlights as a culinary fan, she decided to develop an application which can scan delicious SE Asian meals to propose a reliable recipe.

To find a research partner with shared interests, Dr. Lili used the faculty exchange program with the University of Malaysia Sarawak. Her partners at the University of Malaysia Sarawak were impressed that BINUS engages students in research projects already at undergraduate levels, when they can be more productive. Namely, students in Malaysia and Indonesia often continue their studies alongside full-time jobs.  Moreover, the university is interested in her project as Malaysia and Indonesia share culinary traditions.

Dr. Lili is therefore discussing now how to engage her students and undergraduates from the partner university. She wishes to see students and faculty from the two institutions working together on this joint research project aiming at easy knowledge sharing between culinary fans of SE Asian dishes. “We are looking forward to see the results of our work and are hoping that Indonesian and Malaysian youth will be excited about the release of the application.” For the moment, students and lecturers are welcome to submit papers for the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Computational Intelligence (ICCSCI 2017) taking place in Bali this October.