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Established in 1963, ISC Paris – School of Management is committed to providing business students with the high quality management skills necessary to operate and perform in a global environment.

ISC Paris is part of the highly selective French “Grandes Ecoles” recruiting system, which groups higher education establishments that operate outside the sphere of Universities. In France, only 50 management schools are entitled to run a “Grande Ecole” program with a Masters in Management, and a mere 30 of these are, like ISC Paris, members of the prestigious Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

The Masters Degree awarded by ISC Paris is endorsed by the French Ministry of Education. After obtaining all the required national credentials in France, ISC Paris is currently paving the way for international recognition and certifications.

ISC is located in Paris, where the majority of leading French multinational corporations are based. The school benefits from the business reputation of the French capital, a major location where professional forums, conferences, and trade fairs are held. It follows that studying at ISC Paris can open doors to multiple careers in a variety of areas, including those involved in fashion, finance, high tech, hospitality, information systems, international trade, luxury goods, retail distribution, technology, as well as multimedia.

All programs in Business and Management Studies, with 20 subject areas, give students access to unlimited competences which will surely boost them in their later careers. Most of the programs are bilingual – English / French. In a concern to pursue their ambition of being accredited worldwide, ISC Paris offers international programs: International Master of Science and MBA – entirely in English.

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