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BINUS UNIVERSITY Participates in Fashion Nation 2017

On 11th – 13th April 2017, BINUS Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) participated in Fashion Nation 2017 as the university strived to promote Indonesia’s heritage through the field of fashion design. The event – organised by Senayan City Mall – took on the theme of “HIKAYAT, Tales of Minang” which highlighted the Minangkabau tradition and its influence on Indonesian culture. BNSD’s participation in Fashion Nation 2017 was also held in conjunction with the university’s seminar programme regarding the increasing role and influence of fashion bloggers in Indonesia. Among the esteemed list of attendees were Mr Dana Maulana as the Founder of the fast-emerging Danjyo Hiyoji fashion brand who additionally led a talk show session covering the topic of establishing a fashion business.

To prepare for the event, BNSD carried out a research trip with a number of students to West Sumatra as a means of better understanding the heritage of the region; other purposes also included learning the art of weaving and embroidery-making by local artisans. In utilising their direct experience and influence from West Sumatra, the students thus created 20 fashion collection which were debuted in Fashion Nation 2017. Through this measure, BNSD students gained the opportune chance to demonstrate their adeptness in fashion design as well as creating trendy clothing pieces that are versatile and contemporary while remaining true to its Indonesian roots. As such, BNSD’s participation in Fashion Nation 2017 exemplified the strategic collaboration of unifying industry players with higher education institutions in leading the future progress of Indonesia’s fashion industry.