BINUS International Office

Participating in P2A Programme

On 24th April 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY students and lecturers embarked on their first leg of the Passage to ASEAN (P2A) tour which ended on 3rd May 2017. BINUS UNIVERSITY officially joined the P2A association in mind-2014 and is part of a network of ASEAN universities and higher education institutions that collectively serve to offer their students ASEAN preparation programmes. A total of 39 BINUS UNIVERSITY students visited universities in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

This year, BINUS UNIVERSITY collaborated with Mahasarakham University in Thailand, FPT University in Vietnam, and Mean Chey University in Cambodia. Students were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide-range of cultural events as well as lecture sessions on the latest developments and contemporary issues regarding their host countries.  Furthermore, students were asked to explain a specific topic of interest related to what they have experienced during the programme with the aim of providing an in-depth analysis and comparison to Indonesia; BINSU UNIVERSITY hopes this will further encourage its students to gain knowledge from other ASEAN higher education institutions how best to utilise such knowledge to better prepare Indonesia amidst a new era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

With the implementation of the AEC, the P2A stands as a platform for the ASEAN’s brightest minds to form meaningful collaborations for a variety of opportunities. BINUS UNIVERSITY’s involvement in this association showcases the university’s active role in ensuring Indonesia’s next generation of leaders are fully prepared for the realities of the AEC as well as globalisation.