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BINUS UNIVERSITY Calls for Paper for Management and Technology Conference

From 26th-28th September 2017, BINUS UNIVERSITY will host the International Conference on Advanced Management and Information Technology Services (@MITS), which will be held in Labuhan Bajo in Flores. The conference aims to bring together scientists, researchers, and doctoral students to share their knowledge and understanding on advanced management and information technology. As such, BINUS UNIVERSITY encourages participants — students, entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, and researchers — to submit research papers on topics related to business management, information system, and computer science. The application deadline will be 31st May 2017.

The accepted papers will be published in the Pertanika Journal of Science and Humanities, the International Journal of Economics and Management, and the IEEE Xplore Digital Library where it will be viewed by a worldwide readership. The conference is designed to provide a platform for scholars in their respective field to network and develop practical solutions to problems in societies through advanced management techniques and strategic information system planning — with markets such as Indonesia fast developing its economy, the need for effective business strategy, innovation, entrepreneurism, and human capital, coupled with the utilisation of information technology will be crucial to tackling many of Indonesia’s problems ranging from healthcare to banking.

As a university renowned for its IT and entrepreneurship courses, the @MITS conference demonstrates BINUS UNIVERSITY’s forward-thinking vision to support creative minds keen on leading industry breakthroughs. It is hoped the @MITS conference will help spur the development of information technology and entrepreneurship amongst Indonesian businesses.

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