BINUS International Office


As one of the leading educational institutions in Indonesia, BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL (BUI) is committed to foster a generation of “Smart Creatives” (a term coined by Google) who will be the upcoming startup founders, social innovators and corporate game-changers. To showcase the students’ work, BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL proudly presented “Smart Creatives Exhibition” on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017, at BINUS JWC Campus, Senayan, Jakarta.

Organized by CIDER (Catalyst for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, & Research) Community, the Smart Creatives Exhibition was designed as the meeting point between BUI smart creatives community and the key stakeholders in the innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem. The exhibition featured the prototypes of BUI first, second, and fourth year students, as well as the alumni who have already started their innovative and entrepreneurial journey.

To make the exhibition became more interesting, several investors were also invited to the event. Along with the visitors and lecturers, the investors could rate participants’ prototypes that were featured and also the “smart creativity” of the founders. “Actually, what is sought by the investors is not only the business idea, but also the founder’s quality,” said Handrich Kongdro, the Center for Innovation Coordinator of BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL.

CIDER strives to expose the students’ smart creativity from the very beginning. Therefore, Handrich continued, the Smart Creatives Exhibition will be held yearly.

“We want to promote the innovative culture through this Smart Creatives Exhibition,” he explained.

The exhibitors in this event were the first year students who have taken Project Hatchery/Design Thinking course (Efi-Food, Lifty, Stapp, Owl Study Hall, Buddy Pooling, Take Me Hire, Oneders’ Note, Multifunction Mop, Lotas, Draw Top Table, Super Chop Spork); second year students who have taken Entrepreneurship course (Fresti, Smartlet, Majime, DriFit Hijab, Hop n’ Chow, iMask, ExpressFit, Credenza, Electronic Warehouse); fourth year students; BUI alumni (TaniHub, DrawDreaming, Temoo/Temu, Serempak, TOOR, Borneo), as well as several key ecosystem stakeholders (Impact Hub Indonesia/Co Workinc, Makedonia, Fenox).

“I thank all of the faculty members. Because of them, our students can unleash their potential,” said Firdaus Alamsjah, the Executive Dean of BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL, in his welcoming speech.