BINUS International Office


Thoughts about Indonesia bring out imagery of beautiful landscapes and a booming economy. To preserve the nature while keeping up the economic growth, Indonesia is often perceived to need strong leadership and engineers to build sustainable infrastructure and processes.

Indonesia lags behind the neighboring countries in the number of engineers it produces. In 2013, Indonesia had 2,671 engineers per one million citizens, whereas Thailand had 4,421 engineers.* A popular career choice in Indonesia is teaching due to perceptions of secure employment, while the companies are in need of managers and engineers.**

Universities play an important role in building capacity to teach management and engineering and promote enrollment. With historical labor market responsivity, BINUS UNIVERSITY has been running the BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL since 2007 and BINUS ASO School of Engineering since 2014 to meet this demand. BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL lays claim to 270 current students on average and over 3,600 alumni. The involvement of ASO College Group as an experienced international partner from Japan in automotive, robotics, and product design engineering cements BINUS reputation as provider of high quality engineering education delivered in state-of-the-art. Through such initiatives BINUS keeps consistent with its mission to provide quality education on demand for the development of the country.