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Cross-Border Collaboration in Research and Teaching of Intelligent Systems – A Case of Dr. Budiharto

Dr. Widodo Budiharto, Lecturer Specialist – Doctoral with the School of Computer Science and Robotics and Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory at BINUS UNIVERSITY, considers faculty exchange as an integral part of his job. “Through faculty exchange,” speaks Dr. Budiharto, “we get access to outstanding networks and laboratories that boost our research activities and teaching quality. At the same time, we bring our applied knowledge to higher education systems focusing on basic science.”

Dr. Widodo Budiharto regularly participates in faculty exchange programs using different funding schemes for his visits in effort to advance high quality publication at BINUS UNIVERSITY and get new ideas for activities in the classroom. He first went to France in 2008 as a visiting professor at Bourgogne University and he soon hopes to return to Japan. His most recent professional excursions have been to the Hosei University in Japan and Lorraine University in France.

Dr. Budiharto monitors research funding opportunities announced by our partners. This is how he visited Hosei University in Tokyo as a postdoctoral student and lecturer in 2016. This visit resulted in a research article “Coffee maker robot based on simple vocabulary and partially observable Markov decision process (POMDP)” published by Dr. Budiharto and Dr. Chiharu Ishii in the April 2017 issue of ICIC Express Letters.

In early 2017, Dr. Budiharto then stayed with the Lorraine University in France through the FICEM Consortium (French Indonesian Consortium for Engineering and Management) administering Erasmus Mundus grants. During his 10 day stay, he taught at the master level and held a seminar on robotics and EEG technology for the researchers at Inria laboratory, known internationally for its work in digital sciences. Dr. Budiharto currently plans a joint project to model a handshake in a humanoid robot together with the team at Lorraine University.

During his visits, Dr. Budiharto was happy to see that teaching approach is far more student centered than may usually be expected in the current higher education system of Indonesia and thus similar to his experience in Japan and France where discussions are favored. The main difference is that BINUS focuses on applied learning and research, which makes it an interesting partner for institutions in the developed world focusing on basic science in effort to keep developing technology yet faced by increasing pressures to deliver labor market relevant education.

Dr. Budiharto’s research interests are artificial intelligence and robotic vision. At the undergraduate level he teaches artificial intelligence, programming languages and computer science. He also lectures at BINUS GRADUATE SCHOOL under the Master in Information Technology and Doctoral Program in Computer Science. As Dr. Budiharto is excited about additional opportunities for collaboration at an international level, we invite you to contact him should passion be shared at