BINUS International Office

Yos Steven, Management ASEAN in Today’s World (AsTW) 2013 at Ateneo De Manila University, The Phillipines (Feb 2013)

It’s all started when I got an opportunity from BINUS to exchange to Thailand for a trimester. Thanks a lot to Binus !! The International Office of Mahidol University International College (MUIC) provided me this information 3 days before the deadline (for submitting), and since I’m very interested to join this program I decided to work hard for it, I have to prepare 2 full pages of essay referring to the reason why I want to join this program, not only that, I have to submit the application form, recommendation letter from my university and more. And I have only 2 days preparation for it.
Because of hard work, I got the opportunity to join a short course program held by Kyushu University and supported by the ASEAN secretariat. It’s so cool , I have no idea how this could happen because this was one my dreams, to get a plenary lecture directly from the ASEAN secretariat’s worker. And not only that, I was able to meet great students from another ASEAN countries like Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia. Beside ASEAN countries, there were a lot of participants from Japan. So cool ! Especially when it comes to the Opening Ceremony, we wore our countries’ traditional clothes, which is ‘Batik’ for me, it’s amazing !!
In AsTW 2013 , I chose 2 courses, from the ASEAN language, I chose Chinese Basic Language and Culture, and for the ASEAN courses, I chose ASEAN affairs. We also got Bonus lecture from the ASEAN secretariat about the ASEAN blueprints, history, Integration, Ideology, Disputes, and a lot more. It’s so helpful. I believe this kind of political knowledge will be useful in the future, especially in ASEAN countries right now, they are rising !! I hope AEC 2015 will really be formed in 2015 in order to improve the economy and democratic relationship of ASEAN countries.