BINUS International Office

Stephanie Wong, Computer Science Exchange at Inha University, Korea (Spring 2013)

The student exchange program helps me a lot to achieve one of my dreams. During my exchange, I got new experience, new friends from all over the world, and I got to prove that I could achieve one of my dreams. And most importantly is that I could make my family especially my parents proud. Personally, I really like Korea, that’s why I chose Korea as my exchange destination. During my stay in Korea, I learned about Korea’s culture – what their lifestyle looks like and the way they think. I like Korea because of the K-pop’s wave, I like their music and their choreography. For you who share my interest, you will be really happy because you can see your idol perform live. Besides that, for you who like watching Korean dramas, it surely will be great to live in Korea. But don’t think that you’ll just get Korean friends. There are many exchange students from all over the world such as America, France, Uzbekistan, China, Japan, Malaysia, and many more. The bottom line is that you will have no regret if you join this program and I really miss Korea and want to return there.